Brand new Bikes for learning Kids.

RA15-Youth_Jazzi16_PurpleThis is the Raleigh Jazzi for kids. Complete with training wheels and helmet. Raleigh places this bike at $125.00. Graceland will sell these bikes for $75.00 each. We will even give you a brand new helmet to make sure your beginner will not hurt themselves. We have plenty and all colors. Christmas is coming, sovaldi Come on over, help your kids while helping ours at the same time.

Brand New Bikes For Older Kids

RA15-Youth_MXR20_Chromeraleigh 20inch jazzi bike 001

These 2 Raleigh bikes, treatment the  20in. MRX 2.0 for Boys and the 20in. Jazzy for girls are sold in stores for over $200.00. Here at Graceland they are only $100.00. We have plenty for Christmas. If you need a bike and want to save some money, Graceland is the place to go. (In store only)

Brand New!! Releigh Talus & Eva Bikes

Raleigh Talus 3.0 001Raleigh Eva 3.0 Women's  Bike 001

These beautiful on and off road bikes sells for over $350.00. For Guy’s we have the Raleigh Tulus 3.0 and for the ladies we have Raleigh’s Eva 3.0  Thanks to a generous donor you could have one for just $175.00. We have plenty to sell. Remember Christmas is coming!! (In Store Only)