About Christian City

Christian City ministers to families, but focuses primarily on the needs of abused and abandoned children, the aged and infirm. Services provided include residential, health and social services delivered in a manner consistent with the Christian faith.

The Christian City campus is a vibrant and active Atlanta retirement community as well as refuge for children without families of their own. Every effort is made to see that both children and the aged have enriched and rewarding lives.

While expressly Christian in orientation, Christian City does not discriminate in any way with regard to who can benefit from services and ministries provided. We minister to the physical as well as the spiritual needs of people as an expression of the Love of God to them. Our motto is “Loving People…Loving People.” It is our hope that hurting people will experience the love of God through us and be drawn closer to Him. It is also our hope that everyone served by Christian City enjoys an enriched and fulfilling life.

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