Volunteering at Graceland Thrift Store

We need your help at Graceland!  Dependable volunteers keep our ministry operational. There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at Graceland which include:

  • Sorting donations
  • Serving as a cashier
  • Stocking and store organization
  • Pricing items for sale
  • Expediter
  • Quality Control
  • Greeters
  • Jewelry handlers
  • Linen’s helpers
  • Internet helpers
  • Photographers
  • and just general help! 

No matter what your skills or physical  ability are, you will be welcomed to work at Graceland.

Part of our mission is to give people who want to volunteer a chance and a place to do so in a meaningful way. The work you will do at Graceland matters and helps to change the lives of kids who have had nothing but bad breaks in life.