We Need Your Gently Used Donations

Unless someone donates it, we can’t sell it.
If you have things you don’t need anymore, always consider the kids before you list, trade, or garage sale the item. Everything you donate to Graceland is turned into money that helps the children at The Children’s Village with school and learning skills.  Why not make that item an investment in a child?

Donation Times
We gratefully accept your donations Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 3 PM, Saturdays, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  We are closed Sunday.
All items donated are tax deductible, helping you while you help kids.
Note: Please be sure to see a Graceland employee when making your donation. Due to safety and health hazards, all donations must be received by Graceland personnel.  AND, don’t forget your tax receipt!

Donation Pick-up Available for Larger Items
Just call us at 770-969-9957 and we will gladly come to your home and pick up larger items such as furniture or large/heavy appliances. When picking up large items we are happy to pick up any other items you may want to donate. When donating small items such as clothing, knickknacks and small appliances we respectfully ask that you bring them to us.

Here’s a short list of what Graceland accepts
(These items are sellable and enable us to continue our mission. Thank you for your understanding and generosity, and…if you have an item not listed as desirable below, or something unique, give us a call…it may be something we’d love to receive and resell, but we just can’t list everything.)

  • Furniture and household appliances showing no more than average wear & tear
  • Gently used clothes of all kinds (bagged–not loose or on hangers)
  • Shoes of average wear or newer
  • Toys (with all parts), in good to new condition
  • Electronics (stereos, TVs, DVD players, media devices, etc.) in working condition that do not need repair
  • Phones in good condition with all parts
  • Knickknacks of all kinds(as long as no chips, cracks, dings or dents are present)
  • Picture frames in good condition.
  • Books in good condition.

Here’s a list of what Graceland can NOT accept
(Graceland Thrift Store cannot accept the following items due to the high cost of processing items that are difficult to resell. Please understand if we cannot accept some of your donations:)

  • Hazardous discards of any kind, including computers, mattresses and bed pillows
  • Swimwear or underwear
  • Consumable items such as foods (human or animal)
  • Creams and lotions
  • Any furniture in disrepair or showing above average wear & tear
  • Shoes showing more than average wear & tear
  • Rusted items of any kind
  • Large or small appliances that are rusted, do not work, or need repair
  • Toys that are broken, labeled with children’s names or missing parts
  • Damaged or burned cookware
  • Chipped or cracked picture frames, knickknacks or glassware
  • Books with covers missing, encyclopedias or magazines.